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Marketing your own MAKEUP LINE

Marketing your own makeup line can be challenging if you do not know where to begin.

Are you trying to do something for yourself and become an entrepreneur? While 2020 was the year of slowing down or even shutting down for many, others took the extra time to go after dreams they’ve had for years. There are thousands of people who are their own boss and they market their business online. One area that’s very aggressive with new entrepreneurs is the makeup industry. Thousands of people every year sign up for programs and new companies that allow them to sell cosmetic products under their own name and make money on the side or as their primary source of income. While it’s a great idea, it does take a lot of work. Also, you have to realize that it’s not just posting a couple photos and videos on social media and waiting for sales to come in. There are a variety of ways to market online but it takes real dedication. 


Content is king. If you haven’t heard that before, you need to remember it. The content you are posting will tell people if they are going to buy your products or not. It builds trust in your brand and what you are trying to sell them. However, do not try to always focus on promotional content. As you get going, you will see that informative content gets better response than promotional. For example, a makeup sale is going to get some responses, but tips on applying specific makeup will get far more because people are looking for that information and will engage it. Building your following this way ensures that people care what you post. 


Posting once a week isn’t going to get the job done. You have to post every day, multiple times a day. Use the story section, post in groups but also make sure that your content is good. You cannot post weak content and expect people to take an interest. Post with hashtags and if possible, try to hit on trending topics. A post for a trending topic can get thousands of views if it’s done right. Always take some downtime and research your options and competitors. Look at what they are doing and how you can add that to your strategy as well. Get Social There are blogs, YouTube videos, forums and social media accounts of people in your field or people asking questions about makeup that you can answer. 

Getting social doesn’t just mean that you are going to spend your time on social media. You have to research everything and see where the conversation is and how you can join it. Giving people information when they are looking for it is the easiest way to get new followers and customers online but again, it takes time and effort to accomplish. As you will soon learn there are thousands of people trying to do what you are trying to do. Don’t think of them as competitors but teachers. Take the time to review what they are doing and how they are doing it. 

They have seen ups and downs like you will and those experiences can help you get the right start to your mission to success. You are an entrepreneur which means no idea is a waste of time but you need to research every concept and remember, if it seems easy to do, it probably won’t work so you shouldn’t invest too much time or money into it. If you are not sure where to start, google some of the questions you would ask if you were looking for specific products or tips that your business offers. Seeing what people are saying or asking online is the key to understanding your audience and how they will gather the information they want before they make a purchase. 

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