Cosmetics Manufacturing

Radical offers cosmetic contract manufacturing services worldwide.  We are recognized as one of the premier cosmetic contract manufacturers of pressed powders in the U.S. and are a bulk cosmetic supplier of a variety of other cosmetic and beauty products as well. We incorporate the best of science and nature through our use of natural and organic ingredients, state-of-the-art technology and advanced scientific formulations.

Our approach to the business is unique; we take on the challenges our competitors cannot or will not handle. Do you have a formula no one else can match? An unusual filling requirement? Is your order quantity too low?-We welcome the challenge!

Our team of cosmetic contract manufacturing specialists is equipped with extensive experience in many facets of the cosmetics industry to help solve any problem. Chemists, product development specialists, and packaging engineers work one-on-one with each client to create products that incorporate only the best ingredients. We offer fashion-forward colors, know the latest trends, and utilize the newest and most natural raw materials.


Radical’s cosmetic contract manufacturing offers a wide variety of services including:

Cosmetic Product Development and Formulation

Contract Manufacturing Products

Mineral Makeup

Bulk Cosmetic Filling and Packing

Cosmetic Product Development and Formulations

We can manufacture cosmetic products in bulk according to our clients’ existing formulations, offer our own well-tested cosmetic formulations or help a client create their own unique formula. Clients may also choose to use our expert color matching services. No matter what a client’s cosmetic manufacturing requirements may be, Radical can produce cosmetic products with a focus on quality ingredients and innovative packaging solutions.

Contract Manufacturing Products

We offer bulk manufacturing for the following cosmetic and skin-care products:

  • Blush (Pressed and Loose)

  • Bronzer (Pressed and Loose)

  • Cheek stain

  • Concealer (Liquid, Pot and Stick)

  • Cream to powder foundation

  • Eyebrow (Gel, Pencil, Powder)

  • Eye liner (Gel and Pencil)

  • Eye shadow (Cream, Pressed and Loose)

  • Finishing powder (Pressed and Loose)

  • Foundation (Pressed, Loose and Liquid)

  • Lip balm

  • Lip gloss

  • Lip liner pencil

  • Lip stick

  • Lip stain

  • Liquid eyeshadow

  • Liquid lipstick

  • Highlighter (Liquid, Cream and Pressed)

  • Mascara

  • Primer

Contract Manufacturing Products

  • Body butter

  • Body lotion

  • Essential oils

  • Eye cream

  • Face cream

  • Face masks

  • Face moisturizer

  • Face wash

  • Massage oil

  • Sugar scrubs

Mineral Makeup

Radical specializes in mineral based cosmetics comprised of  organic ingredients.

Our team of mineral makeup manufacturers and experts will help you customize a mineral makeup formula that will appeal to your target market. We can customize any formula to provide the texture, feel and coverage you require. Our mineral make-up contains no dyes or fillers. Our mineral make-up contains only  Mica, Bismuth Oxychloride, Micronized Titanium Dioxide, Micronized Zinc Oxide and pigments.

There are many benefits to mineral makeup. It is non-comedogenic,anti-inflammatory, virtually hypoallergenic, and it offers complete coverage for skin conditions like acne, rosacea and redness. Also, it is composed of inert mineral that does not support bacteria and is not tested on animals.

Bulk Cosmetic Filling and Packing

Our bulk cosmetic filling and packing capabilities encompass glass and plastic jars, bottles and tubes. We can source and pack most types of primary and secondary cosmetic packaging. In addition, we offer gift set and kit assembly, product labeling and pack-outs.