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New in our Contract Manufacturing Division: TUBE PACKAGING

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New in our Contract Manufacturing Division: TUBE PACKAGING

Why Tubes? Tube packaging for cosmetics and other products is fully customizable with a range of closures, sizes, and design options, making it an excellent choice for a range of applications. Tubes are often more travel-friendly than a bottle or dropper and, depending on construction, they often boast many eco-friendly features.

Some benefits of Tube Packaging are:

  • Cost-Effectiveness – Tubes are a cost-effective packing solution that allows brands to easily adapt their packaging to stay in line with current marketing trends by using custom artwork.
  • Wide Range of Applications – From personal care items, pharmaceutical products, household items, to health and beauty products, brands are seeing advantage of the benefits of tube packaging.
  • Keeps Active Ingredients from Losing Effectiveness – Tubes protect contents against possible contaminants from users, light exposure, or air.
  • Clean and Easy Dispensing – Tube packaging comes with a variety of caps that allow for easy dispensing of product and all of the product contained in the tube can be accessed, unlike glass and plastic containers in which product is left at the bottom or corners of the packaging.
  • Convenience – Tube packaging is convenient and easy to transport. It’s lighter and more compact than traditional packaging options and can easily be thrown in a bag to be taken on the go. Opting for flip-top tube packaging further enhances convenience by allowing users to simply flip the top to use the product without the concern of losing the lid.
  • Endless Design Possibilities – The design capabilities for tube packaging are virtually limitless. Most importantly, the tube’s external appearance can be customized to reflect the brand and product.

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